Here are some of the personal testimonies of the members of Lighthouse Baptist.


Carrie Biddinger:  The Light Unto My Path

Katelyn Biddinger:  The Great Physician Saved Sinner

Stephen Biddinger:  God Can Lead a Blind Man

Danny Kreiser:  How God Saved A Missionary’s Kid

Janet Moffitt:  He Reached Down His Hand for Me

Stephen Moffitt:  How God Saved a Preacher’s Son

Tom Schottmiller:  Salvation is of the Lord

Josh Thompson:   By His Grace, for His Glory

Brian Purdy:  "I Thought"

Hannah Tutor Purdy:  I Was Chief of Sinners

Teresa Purdy:  He Brought Me Through

Cheryl Williams:  No More Condemnation

Joe Williams:  Too Late? Too Old? Mercy Says No!